"My purpose behind the work is to question and find understanding in the craziness, tragedy, vulnerability, beauty and power of mankind." CLR

Christy Lee Rogers is a visual artist from Kailua, Hawaii. Her obsession with water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography has led to her work being compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio. Boisterous in color and complexity, Rogers applies her cunning technique to a barrage of bodies submerged in water during the night, and creates her effects using the refraction of light. Through a fragile process of experimentation, she builds elaborate scenes of coalesced colors and entangled bodies that exalt the human character as one of vigor and warmth, while also capturing the beauty and vulnerability of the tragic experience that is the human condition. 

Rogers’ works have been exhibited globally from Paris, London, Italy, Mexico City to Shanghai, Sao Paulo, South Africa, Los Angeles and more, and are held in private and public collections throughout the world. She has been featured in International Magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Art China, Elle Decoration, Global Times, The Independent, Casa Vogue, Photo Technique, Photo Korea and others. Rogers’ "Reckless Unbound" is currently housed at Longleat House in the UK; the stately home, which is the seat of the Marquesses of Bath and also home to Renaissance gems of the Italian masters, like Titan’s "Rest on the Flight into Egypt."  Rogers' art has been featured on several album covers, and her images were selected for the 2013–2014 performance season of the Angers-Nantes Opera in France. In 2019 she won Open Photographer of the Year at the Sony World Photography Awards.

The Independent, London - Jan 6, 2013 - Adam Jacques "The ethereal payoff is indeed redolent of a mix of Masters – the vivid hues of Titian, the straining bodies of Rubens, the sun-dappling chiaroscuro of Caravaggio, but also the loose brushstrokes and fluid movement of Delacroix; hints, too, of the Tiepolo-esque heavenly ascents adorning many an 18th-century Venetian chapel.

Yet, for all these highfalutin qualities, Rogers' subjects were no gods, kings or mythical beasts, but rather her friends, whom she coaxed to writhe around in a local swimming pool – a simplicity that reflects both her method (the pictures are entirely undoctored) and the purity of Rogers' lifelong love of the water.”

Photo Technique Magazine, US - 2011 - Duncan Beebe In an art world seemingly saturated with post-modern, self-aware, or process-based work, it is refreshing to meet an artist who believes in art’s power to penetrate reality and inspire us, a Classical idea, which is at the core of the work. Rogers firmly and wonderfully be- lieves that beauty can change man. In order to achieve a sort of photographic mise-en- scène, she had to find a new way to create her images. They couldn’t be fictitious, as that would undermine her intent to demonstrate that there are still mysterious, impossibly beautiful things on Earth—not solely in our imaginations. The work of a true artist lies in manifesting their inner world externally. To accomplish this she turned to water. “It became an obsession of mine to communicate through my art that there was more to man than a body controlled by the peculiar nature of the physical universe; that he or she was more capable than ever imagined. I dedicated most of my time to conceptualizing and planning how to communicate that message.”

"What I want more than ever is to express and inspire hope and freedom, a sense of wonder and tranquility, to create a safe place to dream wildly, and most importantly to inspire the idea that there are still mysterious, impossibly beautiful things on Earth—not solely in our imaginations."  CLR

"It can be dangerous at times because the water is unforgiving; it seeps in the nostrils, it’s cold and has a life of it’s own.  You move where it wants you to move, and the fabrics dance at their own pace.  For the models, being under water shuts off the excessive thought process that we all have going on in our heads, which is wonderful because it allows them to really be themselves completely. “  CLR



Open Photographer of the Year, Sony World Photography Awards 2018, The World Photography Organization “Harmony”

Honorable Mention, Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2019, Fine Art “Muses”

Silver Award, Moscow International Foto Awards 2019, Portfolio Fine Art “Muses”

Honorable Mention, London International Creative Competition 2018, Video & Film, Professional  Category, “A Conversation with Angels”

Honorable Mention, London International Creative Competition 2018, Video & Film, Professional  Category, “Color High”

1st Place Open Motion Category, Sony World Photography Awards 2018, The World Photography Organization “Harmony”

Silver Award, Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018, Professional, Portfolio Fine Art Category “Muses”

Gold Medal, Trierenberg Super Circuit 2019, Panorama “Creation”

Silver Award, One Eyeland Photography Awards 2018, Fine Art, Other Category “Muses”


2nd Prize in Fine Art, Chromatic Photography Awards 2018, Professional Category, “Muses” 2018

Visual Art Award, La Cultura Es Femenina 2018 “Muses”, Laboratorio de Investigación e Innovación en Arquitectura Urbanismo y Cultura (Laboratory of Research and Innovation in Architecture, Urbanism and Culture), Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Finalist - Contemporary Talents 2017, Fondation François Schneider, France 


Finalist - Contemporary Talents 2014, Fondation François Schneider, France 


Medal of Honor from the Mayor of the City of Angers, France

Artist Award, Artlightenment, Art & Film Festival, USA

Film Award - Best Poetic Expression, "Elan: Flags", Artlightenment, Art & Film Festival, US


Selected Artist for 2013/2014 Angers-Nantes Opera Performance Season, France

Nominee in fine Art – 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup, Los Angeles, CA

Film Award - Best Artistic Expression, "Of Smoke and Gold", Artlightenment, Art & Film Festival, USA


Finalist – Emergent Artist Award, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Featured – Empty Kingdom – Top 100 Artists of 2011


Finalist – The One Life International Photography Competition

Featured - 500 Photographers by Pieter Wisse